Uncompromising Quality. Passionate Service.

Our group of companies and experiences span many industries. Whatever the business the goal is always same, create value where it didn’t once exist. Make every client and tenant feel like they are the only one we have. We know whether it’s a customer or a tenant that they have many choices and serving them is a privilege, a privilege we have to earn everyday.

We’re Proud of Our Portfolio

The Harry James Enterprises portfolio of Business and Real Estate Projects all are based on our Live Real Be Real philosophy of creating value and authentic experiences. Most of the projects have been successful and some have cost us… but each is a new learning point and we wouldn’t change a thing.

We invite you check our track record and feel free to contact us to learn more about any of these projects.

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Real Estate

Synergy Companies

Companies that we love to work with!

Simply one of the best Tarion certified building brands have a peak at some of their art on their website.

One of Canada’s top architectural firms with a team of over 120 professionals.