Project Type: Financial Business
Timeline: 1993 - 2007
Result: Success

Harry James Financial

I cut my teeth working as a Corporate Trust Officer at Canada Trust in the early 80’s. In 1984 I launched out into a career that anyone with a pulse qualified for, selling life insurance. Not glamorous but rewarding on many levels from sitting under the best speakers and mentors in the world to leaning into my fears to see what I was made of and what I could accomplish in sales.

Throughout this time I developed an idea that objective financial advice, dispensed by salaried educated, experienced advisors would be fully embraced by potential clients. On this basis Harry James Financial Services was birthed in 1993 and opened on Main Street Markham under the franchise name Ross Dixon Financial. It worked! Ultimately harry james financial was acquired by a public company in 2007 for the largest multiple that any financial services firm would sell for at that time. The original objective of the acquiring company was to take the model  across Canada.