Inspire Beach Resort – Coboconk

Inprire Beach Resort is Ontario’s luxury resort in the heart of the Kawarthas and the response from our guests is overwhelming with 5-star reviews.

Inspire Beach Resort has three luxury-themed fully equipped cabins which sleep 4 people and feature their own private hot tub and unique furnishings. The 6 acres of park-like settings and private waterfront is a tranquil retreat, focused on relaxation, it is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a truly indulgent getaway.

The resort offers mainly unique curated Inclusive packages for Bachelorette Events, Romantic Getaways, Family Reunions, Micro Weddings, Girls’ Weekends and Small Business Retreats.

The resort also offers Corporate Membership, an amazing opportunity for businesses to take their company to the next level by planning getaways.  It’s been proven that the most powerful breakthroughs, explosive ideas and creative solutions come from slowing down and getting away so you can be Inspired. The membership is also the perfect treat for their key employees and clients. It includes 2 nights of access to the entire resort with the three luxury-themed cabins for your private event or 8 free nights per year in one of our cabins, along with resort and vendor discounts and much more.

One of our Corporate Members summed it up perfectly:

“It’s incredible to think that at only $375/month we can have a $5 million resort to ourselves… it’s hard to believe there are still a few memberships available!”


Visit our website or call 647-964-4571 and discover all that Inpsire Beach Resort has to offer!




Find out more about the development of Inspire Beach Resort in this interview with Sarah Larbi and Harry James on the Everyday Investor with Rav Toor TV Show:

Napa Towns – Lakefield

Napa Towns has been rescheduled for occupancy in 2025 due to our demand to complete other projects.

We can’t believe how fast this upcoming development sold out. Within hours of contacting our network all six of the luxury-level townhouses in Lakefield were gone!

This is a prime example of how our reputation for quality build projects is connecting in small communities. This development is a partnership with real estate investor Sarah Larbi and harry james enterprises and will be another quality build by our construction division, Napa Valley Developments.

If you would like to get on the inside track for our upcoming developments contact us at