Cloud 9

At Harry James Financial we were very early adopters of cloud services. A very expensive albeit leading-edge technology called thin desk was presented to us which leased the hardware while all of the servers were hosted offsite. Our rationale was simple, we wanted the best for our clients in order to protect their information while ensuring we could be up and running the next day after a catastrophe like a robbery or fire. It was an excellent service and worked very well so when my close friend Paul Hubert was moving into this space I was happy to partner on our new company called Cloud 9. Again I focussed on marketing while Paul (truly one of the smartest guys I know) worked his magic on developing, streamlining, and packaging the services. It was never my intention to hang in for the long haul so Paul bought us out early in the game. His company is thriving and I am proud to have played a small part.

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